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Chadi Massaad Group is an Architectural and Engineering group formed of: 
Chadi Massaad & Associates – Architects
          I Design International – Architects & Planners,
          Chadi Massaad & Partners – Consultants,
help writing college papers style=”font-size: small;”>The Group is staffed & organized to provide Design, Engineering, Planning, and Management kissmyessay.org services to Residential, Commercial, Corporate, Hospitality, Educational, Healthcare, Recreational, Transportation and Infrastructure projects. 

Established in Beirut – Lebanon in 2002, Chadi Massaad Group provides its wide range of consultancy services through a dynamic management interaction among its international offices in Lebanon (Beirut), Saudi Arabia (Jeddah & Riyadh), United Arab Emirates (Dubai), Sudan (Khartoum), Ghana (Accra), Algeria (Algeria), Brazil (Belo Horizonte) and The United States of America (Sacramento).The combination of size, expertise and geographic base has given the firm the ability to serve local public and private clients and provide continuity in the firms operations in Lebanon, Syria, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Sudan, Ghana, Algeria, Nigeria, Angola, England, France, Malta, Norway, Brazil and USA.

Since Chadi Massaad architectural practice start in 1984, we have designed hundreds of projects ranging from small summer houses to royal palaces and from small one-unit office to millions of square meters multiuse communities.

Our services encompass all facets of the multi-disciplinary projects from inception, studies, conceptual and detailed design through tendering, project management, construction supervision, quality control, completion and commissioning.


Our employees are encouraged to bring their enthusiasm to their work through in-house and remote training programs that cultivate a culture of self-improvement, technical excellence, and entrepreneurism.  With
Chadi Massaad Group  you’ll find a talented, well knowledgeable team of experts that blends an appreciation for the human experience with a steadfast understanding of your bottom line.
Our valuable experience helps eliminate conflicts, not only during planning, design, & construction, but also in tenant operations after move-in.
This is reflected in our long record of completed projects and satisfied clients.

Our Services

Architecture Design

Our architecture embodies a commitment to create unique inter-relations between land, humanism, & the art of technology of buildings.


Feasibility Studies

We at Chadi Massaad Group take feasibility study as an evaluation of a proposal designed to determine the difficulty in carrying out a designated task.


Site Supervision/Quality Assurance

Professional supervision of construction works is a prerequisite for the successful completion of a project in terms of time, quality and cost.When a project moves from design to construction phase


Construction Management

Chadi Massaad Group professional construction managers step into the project, functioning as trusted advisors on the owner’s behalf and representing their interests exclusively. Our professional construction staff is fully trained to manage all of the facets of any capital construction project,


Project Management

It is not easy for decision-makers in the public and private sectors to assign responsibility for an entire aspect of a project to a consultant. But that is exactly what many of Chadi Massaad Group clients have done, with excellent results.


Renovation/Historic Preservation

Chadi Massaad Group Historic Preservation professionals recognize the value of revitalized communities and work within a variety of environments to translate that value into tangible results.


Civil Engineering

Chadi Massaad Group Civil Engineering Department provides civil and site design services to residential, corporate/commercial, institutional, industrial, and public sector clients.


ElectroMechanical Design

The Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Engineers at Chadi Massaad Group offer clients a full complement of services dedicated to efficient system operation.


Interior Design

Chadi Massaad Group Interior Design practice applies strategic thinking and customized process to the development of excellent and innovative design solutions within the client’s schedule requirements & budgetary parameters


Landscape Design

We have worked with our clients to create some of the most recognizable icons of modern landscape architecture. Our aim is to make enduring landscapes significant spaces that will last for generations with an artful integration of people


Town Planning & Urban Design

Whether planning urban areas or developing master plans, our planning group creates visually exciting, economically viable and green oriented settings in which people live



Transportation is usually classified by the medium in which the movement occurs, such as by land, air, and water. Within each of those three medias, many different methods are used to move people and goods from place to place.


Structural Engineering

The work of Chadi Massaad Group structural engineering team is marked by innovation directed toward overcoming the physical limitations of sites and meeting the particular requirements of each project.


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