Professional supervision of construction works is a prerequisite for the successful completion of a project in terms of time, quality and cost.

When a project moves from design to construction phase, Chadi Massaad Group has architects and engineers that are experienced on site and have specialized procedures to control construction process.
Chadi Massaad Group carries out independent and impartial examination, verification and assessment on behalf of clients to ensure that systems and products are designed and constructed according to specification requirements.
Chadi Massaad Group help clients reduce technical risks, prevent construction errors, control budgets and effectively keep the construction project within planned schedule.

  •     Civil and Construction works 
  •     Mechanical and Pipe systems 
  •     Electricity and Control
  •     Surveying and Leveling
  •    Works Management
  •    Construction Materials
  •    Quality Surveying
  •    Site supervision in accordance with legal  construction requirements
  •    Technical and legal consulting
  •    Maintain the dimensional accuracy of the work
  •    Control work as per agreed quality standards
  •    Contribute to controlling work quantities and costs
  •   Control work progress against agreed programs