We have worked with our clients to create some of the most recognizable icons of modern landscape architecture. Our aim is to make enduring landscapes significant spaces that will last for generations with an artful integration of people, structures & spaces.

Our landscape architecture practice is integrated with architecture, civil engineering and urban design to create new designs on diverse and challenging site, including urban waterfronts, city centers, and sensitive environmental areas. Our landscape architects help maximize the effectiveness of the overall program, enhance the interior and exterior presentation of each building, and improve or modify existing conditions to create a rich and unique environment. Committed to achieving an environmentally sound, culturally informed and budget-conscious design process, Chadi Massaad Group landscape architects create sensible, inspiring and memorable habitats.

  •           Site Planning 
  •           Landscape Design
  •           Hardscape Design
  •           Water Feature Design
  •           Irrigation Systems Design
  •           Plant and Materials Selection
  •           Lighting Design
  •           Artwork and Sculpture Selection
  •           Signage & Graphic Design
  •           Site Supervision
  •           Golf Course Design